Jai Vishwakarma !!

You all are heartly welcome on our website.

The objective of this website is let people know each other and let others know who we are, our origin, our strength, our history, statewise development, our culture, our problems - how we can help each other etc, etc. This is only a simple initiative of our presence on Internet Globe to spread our view and ideas faster.

Your suggestion, views, ideas any useful information, news will help to make this website better and keep upto date all of us with updates on our community and welfare schemes.


What is Lohars.Org?
Lohars.Org, is an informative website that provides informations and a platform where one Vishwakarma can find other Vishwakarma of their state.

What information is available on Lohars.Org?
It provides Individual Vishwakarma's Detail, Matrimonial Bio Data, Vishwakarma News, Address of Vishwakarma Dharmshala, Vishwakarma Institutes, Vishwakarma Temples, Reservation Status, Our Surnames and much more.

Why its name Lohars.Org, is it only for Lohars?
NO, Its for all Vishwakarmas not only for Lohar (Blacksmith). You can see member from all 5 vishwakarma category under "Our Club" section

Should not the name of website be end or start with Vishwakarma?
The name Lohars.Org was choosen keeping an eye on Google Search Strings. We have also another website http://www.vishwakarmas.org. Its Online Directory of Vishwakarmas.

What is difference between Lohars.Org and Vishwakarmas.Org?
Please, See the differences here: Vishwakarmas.Org

What is benefit to publish details here?
Your published detail will provide information to built a statistic on our Social, Financial, Educational and Political status and it will also help to connect other Vishwakarma to you.

Any Social, Educational, Financial Programme or any kind of Awareness, Initiation launched by Lohars.Org?
We are working on
  • To help our youths to get a job as per their capability.
  • To give personal loan on minimum interest or zero interest.
  • Guide students in their career.
  • Organising Medical, Educational, Legal advice and Personality Development sessions.

Hoping a great helping hand from all of you.

Best Regards,
Pradeep L Thakur
09654 773 265

Disclaimer: The Purpose of this site is to share information related to Vishwakarmas lohars.org is not liable for any type of data discrepencies and changes in data.