ST certificate issuance in Bihar

Below is the supporting documents with office order from Bihar Government and some other useful information.

1. Notification to issue ST certificate and provide benefits of ST
2. Notification to remove Lohar from OBC list
3. Notification of 19-06-2019
4. Click here to apply Online ST cast certificate
5. Gazette of 2011 to issue Cast, Income, Domicile Certificate
List of Scheduled Tribes of 1950
List of Scheduled Tribes of 1956
List of Scheduled Tribes of 1976

Note: There are two type of cast certificate format.
1. For Bihar Government Use: This certificate is applied through RTPS and printed in Hindi. Its applicatable only in Bihar.

2. For Central Government Use: This certificate is applied offline and format is in English. Its applicable in Central Level institutions and recruiting agencies. To get it write an application "Why you need ST certificate on Central Format" and submit the application to BDO office along with a photocopy of ST certificate issued by RTPS.

For more detail click here: Suggestions and Views of Expert on ST queries.

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