I never thought there will be a site for our vishwakama samaj, Thanks i found it as Lohars.Org
                                                                                                                                                     Happiness of - Vikas Kumar Thakur

This website gives lots of infomation about vishwakarma community. I really appreciate this effort..
                                                                                                                                                     Happiness of - Ashish Vishwakarma

As I see, organized website of panchals, giving all information is really proud feeling moment. Congratulations to integrators. In coming time this web will be very highly spread movement for solid growth of Panchals. In my mind, I forsee time when all small small group get together and new dimension will be added in panchal samaj.
                                                                                                                                                     Proud of - Rajendra Panchal

I am very thankful to pradeep ji for this website i am very happy to meet my communities members. My village Magroni keeps history of lohar samajs temple (12) of Banke Bihari ji & Ram janki ji.
                                                                                                                                                     Happiness of - Mukesh Kr Jha

I proud of that I m "Lohar" because anything is not possible without vishwakarma ji in the world.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Feeling Proud - Vikas Kr Panchal

This site seems to very useful and helpful to join and contacting all the vishwakarma community. I'm so happy to become the member of this site and proud to be a VIshwakarma. My good wishes to all the members and organisations of the Vishwakarma community which want to unite all the sons of the GOD VISHWAKARMA and saluting them who started and given us the thoughts of the unity to all of us.
                                                                  Happiness of - Balram Panchal

It is really a pleasure for me to see this portal where the persons of our community can communicate their views with each other. As I have come to know that this community is basically a Brahnmin community and we should try to keep ourselves on the top stair by getting knowledge through education which is lacking very much now a days in our community though in ancient time our community was at the top.
                                                                       Happiness of - Balram Panchal

Its a great attempt from Lohar Community to make some of our bandhu's to convey there thoughts here. I am proud to be a part of Viswakarma community. SORRY to say I want to point out a sad part also, I read each and every post of 53 bhandu's here. Can't we make a change? lets think about it, we can make use of social media and other media by multiplying each person by at least ten other bandhus who don't know how to get united. So to have our betterment and a brighter future lets join hands together. "We can make a change."
                                                                                Concern of - Binu Bhaskar

Today i have seen the portal of vishwakarma samaj . Very glad to see, I want join and help the poor our lohara community student, please intimate by mails on my mail ln_thakur@rediffmail. com
                                                                                           Wish of - Laxmi Narayan Thakur

I am very happy to see our special website. It is very useful to communicate to all other samaj bandhav. Thanks to organiser
                                                                                    Thanks of - Dhananjay Kalsait

I am from Bangalore IT professional. Great work, Creating web site for our community, nice to people of our community. We the people follower of God Vishwakarma, and ancient engineers of world. But our community is financially poor, but never indulge in any bad deeds, with our inherit skills from God Vishwakarma which is making us live decent life style..
                                                                                            Thoughts of - Shivaprasad Achary

First of all thanks for such a nice attempt for our community.
My concern about our community is that the people of our vishwakarma community are not respecting themselves.But they feel down to say as western vishwakarma.In WESTERN UP most of us representing ourselves as so called "maithil brahmins". So in one hand they loosing their original identity in other hand they are not accepted as "Maithil brahmin"by other communities .Even many of us are not taking the benefit of OBC reservation. Thus they loose opportunities many times. If some of us get higher posts then we include ourselves in "brahmin " community ,this way our community lost the asset which would have strengthen our community if remain in our original community vishwakarma. So I request all those who are indulged in this bad practice to show them as "maithil brahmins". please stop this practice as it is harming our community.
                                                                                               Concern of - LaxmiKant Sharma

Firstly my warm regards to the organiser or the creative team who have brought out a very useful, neat and clean site/portal. I am happy to have the useful informations about the "God Vishwakarma" our creator. Hoping all vishwakarma bandhus to be united via this site.
                                                                                                          Wish of - Keshav Kashyap

Apane jo is website ke jariye shiksha samajik our hame sabi ko ek sat judane ka moka diya eske liiye dhanyavad.
                                                                                        Happyness of - Somnath Kshirsagar

Condition of Vishwakarma community in Pune is very worst and their working, living condition is very poor and lowest as compare to Kerala (I am from kerala and settled in Pune). I would like to contribute from my side to up bring the community. In Kerala our community have very good reputation and well accepted by national political parties. The same kind of status I would like see in Maharashtra also. my email id is pradeep.sv@outlook.com
                                                                                                                Concern of - Pradeep

We must feel proud as we are in centre of society to construct infrastructure for all sections for society.
                                                                                                           Feelling of - Ajay Sharma

The youth in our society is mostly unemployed. There are not much govt jobs. No govt help is available to them to stand on their own. I have a mission in my mind to create employment for our youth with some micro investment by the working/earning Vishwakarma Bandhus. Virtually it will not be an investment but a working platform for all of us and we shall earn smaller to huge income from it over a period of one to five years. This income will be regualar and immune to all perils like disability and even death. I shall come with a full plan within a month or two.
                                                                                                           Concern of - G D Sharma

Doston aap sab ko bahut bahut mubarak bad deta hun ki aap sab jagruk ho kr ek jagruk samaj ke nirman men hath badha rahe hain. dear all frineds many many congratulation to participate with conciously with our society to help to stand better. It is really countable for our society and us.
                                                                                                  Happiness of - Vinod K Malviya

I take this opporutunity to appreciate the work you are doing for our community and very much thankfull to you to give us the opporutunity to speak about community.
I here with requesting u to educate the people of our community to be unite, untill we will not unite each other we will not have hold on our community, so please tell all the peoples in our community to unite and give good education to our childerns,
                                                                                     Happiness of - Akhilesh Vishwakarma

Mai bahut khush hua jab maine es site ko dekha, par mujhe dhukh bhi hua ki etane kam log jude hai. Khas karke Champaran ke log bahut hi kam jude hai. Mujhe sirf etna hi kahna hai ki agar ham apne samaj ke liye thoda sa samay de to ham pragati ki or agrasar ho sakte hai .Mai Kahana chahuga mere samaj ke un logo ko jo es site se agar jude hai to eska prachar kare.
Sath me mai dhanyabad karna chahuga Sri Er. H.S.Thakur ji ka jinho ne LOHAR ke UTHAN ke liye apna athakj prayas jari rakha hai.
                                                                                            Happiness of - Prabhas Kr. Thakur

This is good job done by Pradeep Bhai to unit vishwakarma community across India. I am requesting all of you that getting marriage in same gotra should be avoided and should be without dowry.
                                                                                               Happiness of - D P Sharma, J&K

Aaj hame is baat ki behad khusi hui ki jis biradari ko log pichhadi jaati hone ka darza de rahe the usne ye pehal kar ke sabhi vishwakarma bhaiyo ko falak pe lane ka jo bida uthaya yah baat un chand logo ka muh band awashya karega....is punit prayash ke lie aap sabko sadhuwad
                                                  Happiness of - Pradeep Vishwakarma, Journalist, Deoria UP

Very Useful and Very demanding portal specially in today's IT era. It will certainly support and help in giving the envisaged idea of feeling togetherness leading to synergized result, specially for VISHWAKARMA BANDHU
                                                                                                            Thought of - C K Sharma

First, introduction.. I am Dipak N. Kava from Rajkot (Gujarat) I am Computer Hardware - Network engineer. This is great job by Lohar team. Happy to see this website, it's really a great work done. Thank to Developer Team.
                                                                                                                   Happiness of - Dipak

Many many thanks for making this website by which Viswkarma connect each other
                                                                             Happiness of - Dr. Ramsahay Vishwakarma

Let the kind blessings of our Great Great Father Lord Vishwakarma shower on all of us across the globe
                                                                                                     Prayer of - Ashok K Chauhan

I am proud of me that i belong from lohar club. I want to full of my support to development my community. I am very happy to see this site.
                                                                                                    Happiness of - Jaidev Solanki

Ab hamere samaz me budhijiviyo ki kami nahi hai,yah bada hi achha platform ban sakata jab hum district level per club ki sthapana kare,monthly meeting rakhe ,apne bicharo ka adan pradan kare,phir sare distt. club sal me ek bar state level per meet kare and apne roti, rozgar and beti ke sambandh per charcha kare,phir ye club har tin sal me rashtriya level per meet kare.tab hame apne shakti ka bodh goga,jab hame shakti milegi, tab ham satta me ayenge,aur hamara nonihal desh per raj karega,now let us unite,and form a distt level club
                                                                                               Suggestion of - Binod Kr Sharma

This is certainly a very commendable efforts for Lohar brothers to be united. It will certainly become a boon for those who are having matrimonial desires for their kith and kin.
                                                                                                 Though of - Gyananand Sharma

I think, this website is greeat move for our Community. We do not know so many person of our samaj those are working in various fields. Now this is the place where we can meet each other
                                                                                           Happiness of - Shiv Kumar Panchal

I was surprised to see our community website. This is very good job. I want to give my full support for the development of my community. This is very good system to connect our community. I am very thankful to those person who started the website .
                                                                                         Happiness of - Umashankar Sharma

Very good step for our community
                                                                                                Happiness of - Dr Mani Bhushan

Dear Sir, I am happy to see this portal/website on Lohar Community. You have done the great job, be continue.
                                                                        Happiness of - Er. Chaman Lal Panchal, Karnal

I have searched about lohar community and suddenly i got this website. I am so happy to connected to this community. Jai Vishwakarma Bhagwan ki.
                                                                                                        Happiness of - Vinod Lohar

its very nice site because of i am from Gondal (Gujarat). & i am about to visit to Ujjain so i search for our Panchal Dharamshala & i got address the address. I am very thankful to all Panchals.
                                                                                       Thanks of - Ravi Padhariya (Panchal)

I am proud to belong to viswakarma (viswa brahmin) community hailing from himmatnagar Gujarat. Happy to see the site, its clean and neat. I have been in Indian Audit & Accounts Department as Sr.Audit Officer in commercial wing. Presently I am put up in Resident Audit office at BHEL/Trichy/Himmatnagar Gujarat.
                                                                                            Expression of - Divyesh V Malviya

I am very happy to see this site. Its very very useful for all vishwakarma people and many thanks for all the developer team.
                                                                                         Happiness of - Pawan Vishwakarma

I am proud to stay to belong to viswakarma (viswa brahmin) community hailing from TamilNadu. Happy to see the site, its clean and neat. I have been in Indian Audit & Accounts Department as Sr.Audit Officer in commercial wing. Presently I am put up in Resident Audit office at BHEL/Trichy/Tamilnadu.
With best wishes

                                                                                                    Happiness of - M.Vijayselvan

I was searching some information about our Lohar community and found this site. I really appreciate this effort to launch this website. I found details about many honorable person from my community. I think we are developing in each and every field. However, we need to do something extra for our community. Like, education, unity, politics etc. Thanks.

                                                                           Suggestion of - Manish Kumar Vishwakarma

Namaste, This is very useful Portal for us and Its really great to know about our community and. We need to more efforts to bring our community. Heartly Thanx to Admin of this site.

                                                                                                     Happiness of - Vinod Parihar

Aapka karya sarahniy hai. Aap ne pure samaj ko sangthit karne ka kary kiya aap ko hamari or se badhai. Hamare samaj ke mukhya maang nimn hai jiske liye ham 1990se karyrat hai kripya aap bhi sahyog kare
  1. Vishwkarma jayanti par Rashtriy Avkash.
  2. Desh ke sabhi vidhalay, college aur P.hd Ke pathyakram me Vishwkarma Puran ko sammilit karana.
  3. Desh me sthaniye nikay sabhi vidhan sabha,lok sabha aur rajysabha me samaj ka 6% pratinidhitva ho.
  4. Rajkiye or gerrajkiye sansthano me samaj ka aarakshan.
  5. SC, ST ko milne vali sari suvidh samaj ko mile
  6. Pension yojana ka nam vishwkarma penshan yojana karana.
In mango ke liye aap bhi prayas kare. Hame aasha hai hamare kary me bhagidar bankar samaj ka hak dilalane me sahyog karenge.

                                                                                              Suggestion of - Magan Lal suthar

Achcha Prayas hai, Well done

                                                                              Appreciation of - Premchand Vishwakarma

Its really great to know about our community and its greatness through the portal and initiatives of vishwakarma bandhus. We need to put in more efforts to bring our community up through awareness and education. Since Education is the only mean whereby we can really bring on the top as it was in ancient time.

                                                                                               Concern of - CA Subhash Kumar

Mai Pradeep ji ko badhai deta hu ki aap ne bahut hi sakaratmak pahal ki hai. Vishwakarma bandhuo se hamari apil hai ki jyada se jyada LOHAR CLUB se jude. Ek dusare se contact dwara pahichan bana kar vishwakarma bandhuo ko aage badane me sahyog pradan kare.

                                                          Appreciation of - Dr. Surendra Vishwakarma, Fatehpur

Kya kaam kiya hai, Man khush ho gaya.

                                                                      Appreciation of - Umakant Vishwakarma, Sagar

This is the Best Website of Vishwakarma. You Have Given us a Munch, where we can know about achievements our People in various field. But this unique munch should be larger. We will have to do something for our vishwakarma society. So please think about it..this is a request to all people of vishwakarma society

                                                                                                    Concern of - Abhishek Kumar

Pradeep ji,
It is really a splendid job. You have created connectivity to our near and dears who are spread all over India as Vishwakarma Community. Most of us are of the view that we should unite and start some activity to strengthen our deprived brothers. Let us go ahead in this direction.

                                                                                   Appreciation of - G D Sharma, Lucknow

I am proud to be a lohar. I have seen that communication gap in U.P. & no concern each other. I want to organised to all Vishwakarma's families. I want to growth to other Vishwakarma's families. I want to suggest to all Vishwakarma members that organised a seminar in india lavel which is aware our unity & thinking etc.

                                                                                            Thought of - Ravi Shanker Sharma

I am proud to be a descendent of Lord Vishwakarma.

                                                                                                     Words of - Hans Raj Panchal

Tremendous efforts, i have a appeal to all our Vishwakarma bandhu please don't hesitate to speak that we are Vishwakarma, many eminent Vishwakarmas i have seen who do not show that they are belonging to this community

                                Expression of - Naveen Sharma, Dy GM Cashpor Micro Credit Varanasi

Great Job. Happy to see this website at first time. I was just searching on google to get some knowledge about Vishwakarma Community and found this website its really a great work done by your team. Request you to update some more history about the same. Thanks

                                                                Appreciation of - Mahendra Vishwakarma, Orai U.P

Thank u very much to all for launching this valuable website for Lohar Family. By using this website we may be connected to each other and share out thoughts, experiences apart from that we may help to each other also in so may ways. About my experience i want to say that I am in touch with the people who is already registered with this website and got benefited also.

                                                                                                  Thanks of - Er. Pramod Kumar

Very-2 useful site to know abt our society and status of our people. If we unite together to help needy person of our society who r socially weak to complete their study what they deserve to be.
We should try 2 make a charitable trust to provide economic help 2 such needy people after rigorous investigation and then when they become employed or self employed return the money in installment or what they think convenience and the rich people of our society should donate money according 2 their capacity 2 uplift our society especially in Hindi states Belt like BIHAR, UP.JHARKHAND, CG,WB & MP.
                                                                                                    Feelings of - Sunil Kr Sharma

Definately Financial, Social Educational and other aids shall be given to needy people of our society. However we should have real willingness to help needy, i hope and appeal all youngsters like you and me should come forward to materialize it. The final stage of This website is to built a Fund and work on Ground Level but before that we need to built trust and work honestly with society. ~ Pradeep

I connected some Lohar family in Bhopal Jabalpur & Indore who belong to UP. We are very thank full to you and pray to God for your success

                                                                                                 Thanks of - Kamlesh Kr Sharma

Very useful site so every Vishwakarma People should join, very very thank to Developer Team.

                                                                                     Appreciation of - Sant Kr Vishwakarma

Good Job. Happy to see this website at first time. Really a great work done by the web team.

                                                                          Appreciation of - Alok Vishwakarma, Chennai

Pradeep Bhai
Again, Many thanks to you & your website because of this website i met Prasanth Acharya (Changanassery-Kerala). Also we had gone to Sabarimala piligrimage in Oct 2012 together.

                                                                           Thanks - Rajeevranjan Thakur, Navi-Mumbai

Mr. pankaj is doing very good job for our lohar family. We are proud of you.

                                                                 Appreciation of - Abhay Sharma, Darbhanga, Bihar

Yash Academy, a Computer Center run by Pankaj Kr Sharma in Munger, Bihar. Here one can get computer education with rational fees and there is free education for one member of Vishwakarma Lohar family. At present approximate 30 Vishwakarma Lohar students are studying in this Institute. I really apppreciate and encourage Pankaj for this kind of good work.

Well done Pankaj.
                                                                                                                                 Pradeep Lal

I learnt about Vishwakarma caste and religion. Which is really helpfull to know our culture deeply.
                                                                                                         Shriprakash Vishwakarma

I had a talk with Pro. (Dr.) BN Vishawakarma Patna, regarding "Eminent People" of Vishwakarma's and got a little Biography of him. Apart from this information he also gave me name of some other people. I really thanks him to spare his valuable time and listen me patiently.
                                                                                                      Thanks - Pradeep Lal, Delhi

I connected some of my old relatives through "Lohar Club" and made few friends in Mumbai also. Thanks

                                                                                              Thanks - Rajeev Ranjan, Mumbai

When I came to Mumbai seeking some job, I was travelling by local train from Borivali to ChurhGate. As I was new and knowing about how to travel, I caught a pole located at the centre of the door in local coach. At next station, when people tried to get into and out I was just hanged catching the middle pole. After train started for next station, one Parsi gentle man caught me and hugged for a while. And asked whether I was new to the city. I said yes. He asked me that I give you advice that if you wish to be comfortable in city like Mumbai, do not come as an obstacle to anybody's path. I understood it well and I never had any conflict with anyone and I am comfortable in Mumbai. The advice is not applied to Mumbai but whole world. Is not it?

                                                                              Thoughts of - Dr. Natwar Panchal, Mumbai

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